Fluo Technology provides a device platforms that enables users to quickly and easily build, connect and control their IoT applications.

We are a young startup company made in UK but with worldwide view. We give the opportunity to people as possible to have access to the world of IoT, and to be able to easily create their own IoT application.

We want give to their...

  • Giving space to their creativity.
  • Making friendly technologies
  • Provide them with a product design
  • Providing them with the latest technology and making it simple.
  • Create a beginner open IoT community.
  • Allow them to participate in the Industry 4.0 revolution

The idea is to create a branding around Fluo products based on fluorescent colors, we believe in this crowded market it is important to be different.

So on top of all the features and simplicity of use we take care of creating boards, boxes and editorial material that will be easy to be identified on shelves and in the faires.

We helped in developing the industrial process to make fluo colors also on PCBs.

Adriano Costanzo

FluoTechnology CEO

  • Magneti Marelli Advisor.
  • Arduino ex employee.
  • Software/Firmware Engineer.
Gianluca Martino

FluoTechnology Advisor

  • Co-Founder Arduino.
  • Responsible of development, supply chain, production, quality, logistic and marketing of Arduino up to 2015.
  • Hardware Engineer.
Registered office:
5th Floor, North Side
7/10 Chandos Street
Cavendish Square
London W1G 9DQ